January 28, 2021

Limited End Float FLEF Sort
Built for gear with sleeve bearings
Made to limit axial travel in the rotor from the motor and reduce the rotor from coming into get in touch with and damaging sleeve bearings

Standard Vertical FVX Kind
Made for use with vertical shafts
Vertical kit prevents shafts from contacting each other
Maintains ability to accommodate misalignment
Obtainable in vertical floating shaft design

Shear Pin FSHP and FSHPB Forms
Built to restrict and defend gear against extreme torque or sudden shock loads
Shear pins designed and manufactured to shear at predetermined torque loads
Pins are inserted in hardened bushings to decrease wear
Effortless to install new pins
Accessible with bearing help to sustain alignment soon after the pins shear

Slide FSL and FSLX Forms
Will allow to get a predetermined amount of axial slide
Longer hubs and sleeves accessible to accommodate more slide capability
Custom slide lengths accessible