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Products by Casting material
Products by final application
+Brake drum
+Machinery Parts
+Auto Accessories
+Valve Parts
+Electric Power Transmission
+Marine Parts
+Railway Parts
+Electric Motor Parts
+Gear Cases
+Chair Parts
+Sewing Machine Parts
+Construction Parts
+Machine Tools Parts
Products by Casting process

Sand Casting
,Investment Casting, Die Casting, Pattern Service, CNC Machining

Marine Parts/ Ship Parts

The ship parts we are working on are mainly exported to France and Korea .The material is usually ductile iron casting and grey iron casting .Besides the ship industry , our work also penetrates into other industry such as Machine tools industries ¡¢ Pumps industries ¡¢ Gas & steam valve industries ¡¢ Automobile industries ¡¢Air compressor industries ¡¢Gear cases & accessories ¡¢ Electric motor body & accessories and so on .
Marine Parts/ Ship Parts      
Marine Parts/Ship Parts GJS-450-10    


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