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About Us

    EP HongXiang automobile brake drum factory, now located at EP HongXiang Goseong auto industry, is a multi-year research and development, production and marketing as a whole specialized enterprises, the strength. The main production is Mercedes-Benz , BPW, ROR, WEBB, GUNITE,VOLVO, SCANIA, NISSAN, ISUZU, MITSUBISHI, HINO, HYUNDA, DAEWOO,  KIC, FUWA,SAF, YORK, LIAZ,MAZ,KAMAZ, and other foreign Models brake drum. And has been abroad more than foreign trade companies and the customers, products exported to the United States, Ukraine, Canada, Turkey, Malaysia, Russia, the Middle East, South Africa and more than 10 countries to increase production company, the two new CW - Series IF coreless furnace, the casting workshop, a radical processing workshops and the latest-throwing sand processing equipment. Sophisticated processing equipment, advanced physics laboratory testing rooms and laboratories, the main production of various kinds of automotive brake drums, wheels, brake shoes, as well as various pieces of the chassis. External production of ductile iron and gray iron rough and processing. After sandblasting quality rough, smooth appearance.

    Since 2006 expand the scale of production company began producing domestic DONGFENG(EQ), JIEFANG (CA), TRACTOR,STEYR, STEYR KING, ANHUIQIAO, SHUANGQIAO, XIANGQIAO, DASHANQIAO, JUNENGWANG, GONGCHENGWANG,JIUPINGCHAI, DADIQIAO, HONGYAN, SUIZHOU TRACTOR models such as Brake Drums and Wheel Hub and Brake Shoes standard rough and finished castings. To be processed sample. Agents are various regions.

    Companies with high quality, reasonable price and high quality after-sales service, at home and abroad, to win the trust and praise.

    EP HongXiang automobile brake drum factory since its inception, has been in "to offer customers a more competitive product concept" in all my colleagues in the common struggle, to temper their work to develop the quality of the cause to contribute to the cause the community in order to create brilliant clients.