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Copper Sand Casting

Copper casting can be used to produce parts in shapes that cannot be easily attained with fabrication techniques, such as - forming or machining. The composition of copper casting alloys may differ from those of their wrought counterparts for a variety of reasons.
Usually casting allows greater latitude in the application of alloying elements, because the effects of composition on cold or hot working properties are not significant.
Most of the copper-base casting alloys that contain tin, lead or zinc have moderate tensile and yield strengths, low to medium hardness, and high elongation. In applications that require high tensile or yield strength, the aluminum bronzes, silicon brasses, manganese bronzes, silicon bronzes and some nickel silvers are used instead. Most of the high strength alloys have good resistance to corrosion and wear.
The properties of castings depend on the size of section and the process of casting.


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