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Tel: 0086-571-88220971/3 Fax: 0086-571-88220972

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Pattern Service

We does not make any pattern, but we have identified very competent pattern makers who make patterns as per our designs, The general time duration for making pattern is 30-40 days but it can vary depending upon the time taken by the pattern makers. We have made sure that pattern makers are best in the industry, So as to climb the very first step successfully.

Ever-Power casting will be your reliable source for Ductile iron casting, Grey iron casting with the moulding process covering Resin Chemically Bonded Sand Cast, Resin Shell Cast, and Green Sand Cast .and you can also entrust us for Stainless steel casting, Aluminium alloy casting and Refractory steel casting.

Die casting molds (called dies in the industry) tend to be expensive as they are

Pattern Making Pattern Making
Pattern Making Pattern Making  


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